︎︎︎Yamabiko Prólogos by Janne Hoem, premiered at Aparte festival for experimental arts, 5.11.22.

Music by Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE). Lights by Nemanja Čađo (BA).

Cast: butoh duo Mutsumi & Neiro (JP), Mitsuyo Uesugi (JP), Ophelia Leithe-Rief, Nelly Øster, Joachim Vefling Seeberg, Jens Stenstadvold, Halvard Håstein, Freddy Voldstad.

Photography: Halvor Bodin



DITHEN is a queer, feminist platform established to ignite dialogues with spaces, cultures, minorities and outcasts. DITHEN works towards a sustainable path for creating site-specific theatre and mainly present the stage work of Janne Hoem. DITHEN is also the co-founder of Aparte festival of experimental arts, located in Tønsberg, Norway.

JANNE HOEM’s experimental theater creation and artistic instruction is rooted in collective, improvising processes. Sculpting every performance from zero and with collaborators from various fields, cultures, and perspectives, Hoem seeks to form a nonverbal, physical theater absent of traditional narrative, instead communicating through the symbolic imagery found in folklore, mythology and dreams.

Hoem received the Hans Christian Ostrø Memorial Prize (2020), awarded to artists who build bridges between different cultures, as well as individuals who have taken action against violence, terrorism, and human rights violations. Supported by the Government Grants for Artists (2021–22) administrated by Arts Council Norway.

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